SAT Up by ScoreBeyond

Limited prep, limitless achievement
Our Beliefs

We are educators, scientists and engineers whose lives have been shaped by successful test taking. At ScoreBeyond, we believe in two things.

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Every student is
unique in:

  • Their abilities
  • Their needs
  • Their dreams
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Every student's potential
is limitless regardless of:

  • Economic
  • Social
  • Academic background

Our program is the first in the industry to enable every student to reach their full potential at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions bridging the income gap through:


Convenient and personalized mobile apps that offer daily practice generated by our Adaptive Learning Platform.

Each practice test specifically targets students' weaknesses while keeping their strengths fresh, a study method uniquely designed on cutting-edge research by Prof. Bjork’s learning lab at UCLA.

Because every student is unique.


A tutoring model that brings superior learning with fewer lessons.

We refer to this as our 'limited prep, limitless achievement' model whereby our students' learning is so targeted that they can reach their full potential with less prep, and therefore at a fraction of the cost of comparable offerings.

Because every student’s potential is limitless.


The novel combination of targeted learning with emotional support to help students reach their full potential.

We take full responsibility for our students by providing expert coaches who help students with test anxiety, stress and nervousness.

Because nothing should stop a student from reaching their limitless potential.

What Are Our Research Partners Saying?

Mix-up where you study.

Research has shown that mixing-up your study locations is better for learning than always studying in your favorite place. This is especially true when the location for the final test is unfamiliar, which is the case for the SAT.

Nicholas Soderstorm
Post-Doctoral Research Associate, UCLA Learning Lab

SAT Up is mobile so you can study anywhere, enhancing your mastery of all SAT subjects.

Space out when you study.

Students often cram for upcoming exams, but learning scientists know that this strategy is very ineffective. It’s better, for example, to study something once a day for 5 days than it is to study 5 times in 1 day.

Saskia Giebl
Staff Research Associate, UCLA Learning Lab

SAT Up's daily workouts are bite-sized practices that maximizes students' long-term learning.

Students Trust Us

K. Gray
Monroe, North Carolina

“My overall experience was great. I've come to a better understanding of the material. My tutors Ashley and Gianni were very nice and smart. My SAT grade increased by about 200 points.” Read More